Local Mass Financial Institutions

Hemmel Logo.png

Hemmel Automated Solutions

Hemmel Technology firm, dedicated to salvage and repurposing of advanced old and new world tech. In the past, they utilized horrific practices to get development and research done, but as the Mass area changed and challenged groups to change, so did they and have been a example of change for the better.

Matriarch of Monetary Funds: ????

Commander: (Digitarian) Canteel Hemmel

Lieutenant of Social Arms: (Pureblood) Cabernet Noir

Quarter Master (Solestros) Fandango Ticketmaster

Sister Organizations:
Megaluxxe Exotic Imports
- Executive Trades Admin : Gilroy Vaughn Luxxe

NS logo.png

Naurth Shore Trading Co.

A Nomad caravan company focused on continuing to build roads and establish trade, especially between new settlements. With developments and progression, on either the shores of Baytowne, the roads between Old York and Rhogue Isles or the caravan routes, Naurth Shore Trading Co. established themselves to guarantee safe travels, regardless of lineage or faith.

Founder: (Saltwise) Marigold “Mari" or “Rigo" Wiles

(Diesel Jock) Salem Benz-Caliper

(Rover) Lynn Ipswich-Woburn

AIP logo (1).png

An Interested Party

An extremely wealthy group of Townies who collectively invest in "causes of interest" that comes across their attention. With deep pockets and a firm resolution for a strong drink and a good cause, AIP has stood as the foundation and backbone of Baytowne to support with their committees, managers and hired muscle to get the task complete with minimal expenses.

- Head of the Society of Vested Interest, Trimountaine Bradlee (Vegasian)

- High Inquisitor Malik Blake, Head of Management & Requisitions. (Baywalker)

- Colonel Conrad “G-man” Quincy-Adams (Pureblood)

FWL logo.png

Framing Worcline Transport & Mining

A famously wealthy transportation company which has expanded into the development of new methods of transportation and trade between major settlements, as well as expanding on new mining opportunities.

Founder: ??? (Quiet Folx)

Mining & Explosives Overseer: Arby WenTac O’ Riley (Merican)

Head Mechanic and Janitor: Scruffy Holt (????)


Old Beige Fishing and Whaling

A fishing conglomerate attempting to harvest the riches of the seas. With their mass armada of boats and their sea shanties, the OBFW are the waste’s hope to tackle the waters as a potential method of travel and resource gathering.

Stocked with maps and schematics, the company itself prides in the artifact recovery and restoration of old world relics.

Captain Trudy “The Carnage” Scalder (Tainted)
First Mate: Jeremy Davis ( Full Dead)
Division I Leader: Zalka (Natural One)
Division II Leader: Yula Moon (Remnant)
Division III Leader: Hanover (Baywalker)
Division IV Leader: Clarabelle Hasting-Blackthread(Rover)
Division V Leader: Stu “The Bulwark Kid” Nox (Iron)

Other Groups

The Cleaners, formerly the Public Works.

Originally The Sanitation Department, has since expanded out to major settlements and is dedicated to infrastructure management.

District Manager: Mongoose (Semper Mort)
Head of Infrastructure: Laughing Lou (Tainted)
Head of Research: David Crestin (Retrograde)