Meet the Team


Gabe Ruiz

Logistics Coordinator


Coming from a first generation Peruvian-American family, This individual has indulged themselves into the nerdy world of gaming and found himself to be quite a Kingdom Hearts loving, Corgi obsessed, queer male he could be.

With his strong ambition and master of the paperwork arts, Gabe or "Gabu" has become Dystopia Rising Massachusetts Logistics Lead for a few years now. Jolly, compassionate and friendly, this individual is prepared to tackle any issues you have from build to player. No matter what the request is, Gabe is ready to point you in the right direction or give you an answer.


Michael Piscetelli

Chapter Owner

Michael Piscetelli is a dog lover, LARPer, solider and programmer from the East Coast. He’s been LARPing for over a decade, and has been playing Dystopia Rising for almost as long! He was a member of the Ohio DR team for years before stepping away for Massachusetts. You can find him doing everything from running through catacombs for fun to helping corporations run smoother and more efficiently. His love of adventure, fun and our community pushed him to start building the machine that is Massachusetts.