About Us

Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts is presented by Riley & Franklin Financial Services LLC, representing game designers, writers, editors, and live event coordination for freelance or long-term projects..


The Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts Team

LARPing is a labor of love and we're lucky to have an amazing team of humans to help make your event great. This is more than just out hobby -- it's our love, our community, and our life. We pride ourselves on being a community first and a game second -- every stranger you're standing next to could very well be your future best friend. Our supporting staff, from Marshals to Storytellers, are the individuals who help create the canvas of DR:MA, but it's you (our players!), who help to paint it.

Michael Piscetelli - michael@dystopiarisingma.com

Experience Designer
Michael LeTourneau - mike@dystopiarisingma.com

Coordination Director
Gabriel Ruiz - gabe@dystopiarisingma.com

Conflict Resolution & Community Manager
Andrea Davenport - andrea@dystopiarisingma.com


Aaron Colon
Alejandro Tomas Santiago
Sabrina Whiteley
Sam Korstvedt
Sean Metzler
Kelsey Emmett
Jordan Bond

Gillian Helman
Tori Stearns
Julie Peloquin
Riley Cheyne
Rachel Roylance

Avo “Fox”
Tony Rogers
Winslow Moore
Mason Wheaton
Eric Crain
Matt Bush
Matt Piela

Ade Shields
Sonny Farfan
Kayla "Pickles" Dill
Quinn Castine
Avo “Fox”
Matt Bush

Saftey Marshals:
Avo “Fox”
Matt Bush

New Player:
Candon Needham