Guide for 3.0


Leading Character, Casting Time& Clean up

Your leading character is the character you will be playing for the majority of the game.

At one point during the weekend, you will be required to be an extra or a cast member during the event. Casting info here.

Finally, after closing announcements, everybody will be responsible for their personal clean up as well as a section of the site to clean as well!

Make sure to pack the essentials!


Gathering & Crafting

In 3.0, there will be designated crafting areas in the play area of Dystopia Rising Massachusetts. They will be located in or around the main tavern for accessibility and ease where anybody with the skills (Artisan, Culinary, Agriculture, etc.) can create items and go to the Public Works to claim that work you put in!

Most play areas are all welcome for roleplay, however we also have a Wasteland zone. If you do not like Character vs Character interaction, try to avoid this area. The Wasteland is strictly free-for-all and you do not need player consent for any interaction that may occur. We have a Ok-Check in system in place for any character vs character or “CvC” to ensure players are okay with the engagement. Bathrooms & Kitchen are strictly out of character!

Otherwise, hang out at our Dry Event with a bunch of other larper shapes and kick back at our Dunwich Bar or try our tasty treats and foods other players offer in game.

Combat & Weapons

Dystopia Rising utilizes a lightest touch system. With stylized, safety first, foam weapons and soft cloth packets to represent projectiles. All melee weapon is a flat 1 damage, projective and range does 5 against your armor or your body (health). You will hear some players call out specialized skill names which will allow them to do certain things, if you are ever confused about a skill usage, don’t be afraid to make a fist over your head (our universal out of game hand gesture) and ask the adjacent player “Clarify, what skill did you use?” We all were there, and asking questions made us a stronger larper. As you engage in combat, be on the look out for special Calibration Patches that some players would wear.

As you start your experience, you wanna make sure you can get the most out of your experience. Here at DRMA, we wanna make sure you are suited up for the best experience you can have!

For starting gear, you can walk into game with:

3 Melee weapons (Small, Standard or Two handed, in any combo)
1 Set of Brawlers
1 Gun or Bow
1 Shield
6 Thrown Weapons
1 Starter Armor (5 points, 25% Coverage required)

All references of size and creation can be found on page 31 in our free online rulebook.


Mind Points & Skills

Crafting, Fighting and even some crazy Psionics/Faith abilities all cost something in this game as we refer to mind points. You regain your mind points at Midnight and at Noon. There are many other ways to recover Mind points, like meals, brews and other venues.

Skills cost Mind Points and you might not be able to do much at first, but as your character grows and develops, you’ll see every skill usage is just as important as the last. Be tactful and understand this world is to survive! Rely on your friends and comrades to survive the weekend and have fun with it!


Body, Armor and Dying

When you choose a Strain of Humanity in the next section, it will tell you how many hit points your character starts with. If you receive damage that reduces your hit points to 0, your character is now dying. When you're dying, you can't move or heal yourself, but you can and should yell and scream, you're dying after all. There are specific items and skills that allow people to heal your hit points. Armor is very similar to hit points, but it requires someone with the appropriate skill to fix it back to full.



If after 5 minutes of yelling and screaming for help, nobody comes to save you, your character has died. Dying is a big part of Dystopia Rising as this is a Play to Lift and Lose system of storytelling. After you die, You have 10 minutes before your body goes through. Here is where other skills and items can interact with dead characters. Afterwards, you'll head over to our Ops building where the Storytelling team will provide for you an amazing roleplay experience that will explain exactly what happened to your body and help drive the future actions and attitudes of your character.



Mike LeTourneau, Experience Designer for DRMA. He can respond to any questions regarding story and character backgrounds.

Gabriel, Logistics Coordinator for DRMA. He can respond to any questions regarding Character Sheets, Mechanics and database info!

Andrea “Drea” Davenport, Community Manager & Conflict Resolution for DRMA. She can respond to any questions regardling the community, conflicts and reporting feedback.