Welcome to the Grove


The Massachusetts chapter has years of the storied history that has been heavily influenced by our character's decisions (and lack thereof). Currently our game takes place in the fictional town of The Grove, a picturesque New England trading post riddled with a darker history underneath its green, green fields. As a new player or character, it's not important for you to know all the details about what has happened before.  Provided below is a basic primer of details your character might know before arriving into town:

  • The game is set in the region of the Mass, formerly known as Massachusetts, and the Rogue Islands, formerly known as Rhode Island.

  • While there aren't any formal 'capitals' anymore, Baytowne (Boston), is one of the largest trading posts in the Mass region after most of the area was flooded over after the fall of man.

  • The results of the war left a previously quiet town now dangerously active with undead. The Full Dead previously running the town are now gone.

  • The Grove is a small trading post that was previously unoccupied, run by a council of secretive and aloof Full Dead.

  • At some point in the past two years, there was a large influx of people to the Grove seeking a new place to live after various natural and unnatural disasters. Every month, there are still individuals arriving to the Grove looking for a new life.

  • The Grove recently went through a brutal war that involved three parties: the citizens of the Grove, an anti-slavery cult called the Free Fire Alliance, and the Hansfields, a slaver organization with roots in the Nuclear Family.

  • Finally out of the clutches of the War against the Hansfields, the citizens of the Grove tackled local issues such as Richard Cory, the Verdent Reclaims and prepared themselves for a change in the wastes have never seen. Up to three years will pass, but what has been left for The Grove and it’s former citizens will soon be revealed.