Before You Submit Your Background


When submitting your background, please keep in mind we cannot accept or use anything that's based outside the Mass (IE, characters who are from Ironworks or were previously a famous handler of Diesel Jock races in Vegasia). With that in mind, we're happy to work with you on any background concepts you might have; feel free to reach out to a storytelling staff member who can help you with your ideas!

It's easiest for you to submit your background in bullet point form with just the important details such as where the character has been (example: cities or towns within the Mass or Rogue Island), who the important people in their history are and why (example: siblings and parents, friends, enemies, lovers), and some key words/concepts that are important to that character (slavery, family issues, fear of spiders, desire to be the best fisherman).

Here's a sample background for reference:

Name: Kelsey
Character Name: Jimmity
Background in Bullet Points:

  • 27 years old, remnant

  • Remnant Flaw: Shiny patches of scale-like skin

  • Grew up in the outskirts of Baytowne

  • Father was a Pureblood (Jim), mother was a Saltwise (Jack)

  • The child of a convenient business relationship gone sideways

  • Cast out from his home at an early age, learned to survive on his own

  • Rallied together a "gang" of street rats and urchins in Baytowne

  • Left Bawtowne after his "gang" all grew up and Jimmity was still left

Key Points:

  • Key words: abandonment, parental issues, survival

  • Has an extreme fear of rejection

  • Having never really known his mother much, he is fascinated by Saltwise

  • Desperate to find a "mentor" since he never had one


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