Large Prop Storage


Large Prop Storage

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Tired of carting your two-handed weapon and giant still prop back and forth every event? Then this one is for you.

This purchase is for one item/attached items to be stored in our desginated section of the barn or the trailer, depending on size.  

Availability is limited!

Please note that if your prop is unusually large or challenging to store, this price may change. Please contact us first at if you’re concerned.


  • No liquids, foods, or anything perishable.

  • While we will store items, you will need to supply what we store them in. There are mice, so items must be properly stored.

  • Player will have to unpack and repack their items. We are only responsible for their storage. At the beginning and end of game there will be a designated area to pick-up and return props.

  • If you need to access your tote between games, please contact Gabriel (