Player Resources:

DR LARP Rulebook - Everything you need to know about the world and rules of Dystopia Rising.

Expectation of Play - This page will explain what stories you will encounter, sleeping and tenting on site, and the local crafting policies.

Monoliths of Rust - The DR source book that goes into the history and world of the Mass. Not required, but recommended reading.

Dystopia Rising: The Mass Facebook Page - Our official Facebook page with event information, updates, and all the details to keep you up-to-date.

Dystopia Rising: The Mass Community Facebook Page - Reach out to other DR:MA members, make connections, share pictures of that ridiculous cat meme that looks like your character.

Event Feedback Form - Have you attended a DR:MA event? Tell us about it. We read every feedback form and value your experience.

Attendance Waiver  -  This is the document you are required to sign before you are able to play at DR:MA

Marshal Application - Do you want to help behind the scenes at DR:MA?  Submit to become a Marshal here

Dystopia Rising Massachusetts: Desktop Wallpaper - Love DRMA? We do too. Show the love with this awesome DRMA wallpaper!

Character Resources:

Submit a Background - Tell us about your characters background so we can torture you. Mandatory for uncommon and restricted strains.

Character Sheet Submission - Have a new character, rewriting, or retiring an old one? Submit all the details prior to game so we can get them in the system before you arrive.

Restricted Strains and Requirements for Play - Certain strains are restricted at DR:MA. Find out about them here.

Organizations - Local organizations within the Mass that your character may have heard of, been influenced by, or can join in game. 

Local Cults - Discover the local faiths of the Mass region and their requirements for play.