The Red Anchor League


No one in Baytowne, or even the Mass as a whole, ever really forgot their hatred of the Yorkers. Theirs is a rivalry that has existed for as long as the survivors themselves have -- sometimes as a casual animosity, and sometimes with murderous intent. But there are some within the Mass that have a long memory and believe that Yorkers have no place in this part of the world.

The Red Anchor League is an organization mostly consisting of Baywalkers who actively try and push back against Yorker influence. This can be through more direct means, such as violence and death, or more subtle influences that range from the political to the economical. To that end, membership can be as obvious or as subtle as an individual choose to make it, but there has been many a quiet assassination that rumors have linked to the RAL. 

Red Anchors can be identified by the red anchor tattoo, usually on the left forearm for lower ranking members, and on the neck for higher ranking members. 


The Hansfields


With heavy roots both in the Nuclear Family and the Telling Visionaries, the Hansfields are a widely spread slaving community through-out the Mass. Their long-lived survival is due to their brutal, and yet practical, business manner. They travel the Mass, buying people's debts through forced servitude, often taking over towns and villages whole cloth during the winter months to give them a solid base of locations.

Where the Hansfields become dangerous is when they are crossed. A spited Hansfield will react violently and without hesitance, setting examples and taking what is theirs at all costs. Many an individual has been scared for life, or even died, when the Hansfields need to make an example of someone. 




Half organization, half traveling party, Brewmass is a yearly festival celebrating all things booze, music, and party. Organized by Cassidy "Fenway" Adams of the Adams brewing family, Brewmass is heavily inspired by the Mass's two favorite hobbies: eating and drinking.

Recently, there has been a heavy undercurrent of religion as the now missing Fenway as a King's Courter who believed the venue could be used as a way to drive back the Linewalkers and the dark side of the King's Court. This influence, combined with a lack of leadership from Fenway's disappearance, has lead Brewmass to become a lifestyle, a group of indiduals who practice and preach Brewmass through-out the year coming up to the Festival itself. 


The Bloody 20

A public branch of the mercenary company, The Bloody Shivs, the Bloody 20 is an organization of fighters who test themselves in order to become the best at what they do.  There are twenty ranks, starting from the bottom at 20 and the top at 1, though no one is quite certain who, or even if there is, a Number 1. Fighters can join and move up the ranks of the organization by beating three individuals of a higher rank. Similarly, they can be ranked down through the same process.

The Bloody 20 make up some of the most well-practiced and sought after mercenaries in all of the Mass. Even a Rank 20 fighter is treated with respect as someone who is more than worthy of a sizable retainer fee for mercenary work. Although the organization has begun to scatter and diminish due to the death of Junior, the leader of the Bloody Shivs, it is believed that the Bloody 20 themselves still thrive in hiding to this day. 


Doctors Without Bourbon


Born from the ancient ashes of a long dead tribe of wandering physicians, the Doctors Without Bourbon are a loose confederation of doctors, teachers, researchers, engineers, and food scientists dedicated to providing help and training to those who cannot provide health and food for themselves and their families. Bound by the tenets of the Sainthood of Ashes, the DWB travel the Mass from settlement to settlement, sowing the seeds of education in the hopes that when next they reach that place, it has become a thriving community built by generosity and common goals.

More recently, the DWB have begun establishing a more permanent home in the Grove, where they can oversee the needs of the Mass and dispatch agents as appropriate. As continuing health and food crises threaten the lives of citizens within the Grove, the DWB seeks brave and dedicated volunteers willing to put their lives on the line to provide expert assistance to a community in dire need of help.

Big Red Entertainment


Founded and led by the mysterious Rodolfo Tremendo, Big Red Entertainment is a roving band of entertainers and Telling Visions priests who bring the Signal to audiences across the Mass through the medium of "amateur ranked combat sports." By pitting local amateurs against the biggest and baddest fighting stars that the Mass has to offer, Big Red raises new heroes up to the roar of the crowds' approval, showing that it's not just how well you fight, but how legendary of a story you can tell, that earns you the Championship Belt.

With this season's introduction of the mysterious Hardcore Belt and the hiring of local Grove citizens as Referees, Big Red seeks to inject a little bit of intrigue into the daily lives of the Grove's citizenry. It's a free for all brawl that can start at any time, but only ever is finished in one place: in Rodolfo Tremendo's ring at BrewMass Summer Slam!