Location & Site Info


Ye Olde Commons
120 Northside Rd, Charlton, MA 01507

Ye Olde Commons is a 200+ acre site with cabins that fit 8-10; they include heaters, fans, and are wired for electricity; there is also plenty of space for tents and several sleeping spots in the woods for more adventurous players. Gender neutral showers and bathrooms are located in the main building, along with basic kitchen amenities such as hot water and a microwave. In order to use the kitchen, you must be ServSafe certified and trained by our kitchen marshals. Please email us with your ServSafe certification number ahead of the event you wish to use the kitchen so we can plan with you beforehand. 

Please note that there are also free-roaming domesticated cats and chickens roaming the site. We ask you not to disturb them, or we will give them stats and send them out to kill you in game.