Ingredients of Play


Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts is played outside on rugged terrain. Those who play should expect and be comfortable with often intense physical activity, such as running, simulated combat, and traversing through the woodlands in all weather. In order to simulate a lack of safety in the world, the game does not "shut off." You may be attacked in the middle of the night and forced to defend yourself or be prepared to react to situations in all in-game areas of the site, including your sleeping space. While it's possible to avoid those scenarios through in-character actions, please keep in mind that Dystopia Rising can and does touch upon horror and survival aspects and if you are unsure you can safely care for yourself with these topics, you may wish to consider alternative games. Feel free to reach out to the Directors with any questions on this; we're happy to talk.

We offer a limited amount of sleeping space for individuals whose physical or mental limitations require specific resources. However, anyone using our medical sleeping space must have a doctor's note stating that they are still physically and/or mentally capable of safely participating in Dystopia Rising. Without it, you will not be allowed to participate at game.


Self Care

You, the player, come first at game. You have a responsibility to care for yourself by eating, sleeping, and drinking responsibly in order to safely participate. Existing in an immersive world can be extremely exciting and engaging, but please remember that your needs as a player come first. We want you to enjoy yourself by being as healthy as you can be at game. This means if you're sick, or tired, or you're unable to care for yourself at game, you should consider coming back at another time. Don't worry: we aren't going anywhere, and we'll be ready and happy to have you back whenever you're ready to play.


Story Content

Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts is an 18+ game. While we'll occasionally make exceptions with this, and never without parental permission, it's important to understand the kinds of topics that you will encounter in your in-game experiences.  At the Mass, we use heavy, emotionally-driven roleplay that accounts for the consequences of your in game actions, and as such, the topics you encounter at game can be extremely dark. At Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts, you can expect the following simulated story content:

  • Simulated Torture

  • Gore

  • Physical abuse

  • Psychological torture

  • Emotional abuse

  • Racism (never OOG, but against your in-game strain)

  • Religious persecution (never OOG, but against your in-game faith)

  • Death and dying

  • Lack of safety

  • Siege and hostage situations

  • Bombings

  • Drug use and drinking

  • Unseen voices

  • Medical scenarios, including mental illness

If at any time you are involved in a scene you feel that you can no longer handle, all you have to do is step out of it and let the Guide

know. No one will think less of you it -- knowing your own limitations as a player is often a constant act of self-discovery and acknowledging when you have reached that limit is important.

Important note: despite being an 18+ game, the topic of sexual abuse in any degree is not tolerated. Sexual abuse does not exist in the world of Dystopia Rising.


Banned Concepts

The following concepts are not acceptable to play at Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts:

  • Characters under the age of 18.

  • "Happy" slaves. What does that mean? It means that the perspective that being a slave is the best thing ever and you love it is a trope that we don't really want to support. This list gives you a good example of tropes that work and tropes that don't (…/pmwiki…/PlayingWith/HappinessInSlavery). If you're looking at playing an Iron, you want to avoid "straight," "exaggerated" and be careful of "downplayed." These aren't end all be all rules to follow, but the bottom line is slavery shouldn't be part of your story at Dystopia Rising Massachusetts. Feel free to reach out to us if you need some help on finding a good story angle for your character.


Tents & Sleeping

It's also important to note that Dystopia Rising is a 24-hour immersive event. The only place you cannot be attacked at night is Medical Sleep. Medical Sleep is reserved for players who have documented medical issues and can provide a doctor's note stating that they are still able to safely play at Dystopia Rising. Even if you have an early morning Casting shift or just went to bed, this is not an excuse for OOG sleep. All OOG sleep must be approved and signed off by a Director.

While Cast Members will not step into your tent to attack you, it does not make you immune to being attacked at night. If your tent is being attacked, a Guide will inform you that you have 60 seconds to exit your tent and respond to the attack. If you do not respond, you will automatically be put into bleed out.

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