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Welcome to Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts

We're a fully immersive live-action roleplay game about who you are after the world ends. This isn't a game about the apocalypse; that was years before your time. You aren't even sure how humanity died, and what's left in this world certainly isn't human. Instead, Dystopia Rising is about what happens after the apocalypse -- it's about rebuilding, survival, and what a new world in the wastelands might be like when it's shaped by your decisions. 

But beyond the LARP, Dystopia Rising is an international group of nerds that represent a broad range of individuals.  In the  greater DR community, you will find people across the spectrum of gender, sexual, and national identity, make new lifelong friends with people who were strangers just a few days before, and travel across the country to try out other DR branches in places you never thought you might go. We like to think of ourselves as a community that games, not a gaming community -- and we want you to be a part of it. 

Sound fun? Believe us, it is, and it's life changing.

If you're new to all this, take a look at our Player Resources, and then check out the New Player Materials for links and information that will help you figure out more about the in-game world and what to expect at our game. Be sure to check us out on Facebook too!

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Dystopia Rising: Mass runs one weekend per month. Take a look at our calendar and plan your next visit!