Community Empowerment Achievements

Players from around the network can submit one form per month that rewards a player other than themselves for going above and beyond as a positive example in one of six categories. (pg 137-139):

  • Natural Leader: Rewarded for positive feedback based on fair play, inclusivity and creating social experiences that encourage and empower newer participants in being involved with the shared narrative of the Dystopia Rising universe.

  • Combat Veteran: Rewarded for positive feedback based on fair play, creating engaging combat experiences, and assisting above and beyond in promiting safety and inclusive engagement in the contact-safe combat aspect of Dystopia Rising. A true Combat Veteran realizes they as an individual don’t need to win every fight and instead, that they community as a whole should have the best chance for victory.

  • Wasteland Mentor: Rewarded for positive feedback given to individuals who exemplify positivity and healthy community engagement between participants when they are not in character or sometimes not at events but engaging members of our community. Wasteland Mentors help one another outside of the wastelands as much they help one another within them.

  • Oh Captain: Rewarded for positive feedback given to individuals who assist others in steering their story, negotiating shared experiences, and guiding their roleplay and interpersonal engagements in a direction that makes for a more enjoyable experience for as many people as possible.

  • Friend to All: Rewarded for positive feedback given to individuals who reach outside of their establised friend circles and in-chapter groups to help others, be inclusive, and build up the community as a whole. While each branch can be small or large, as a larger community it is important to remember to respect and engage the friends you do not yet know with compassion and an earnest effort to be inclusive.

  • Compassionate Guard: Rewarded for positive feedback given to individuals who actively ensure that the spirit of inclusivity is promoted both at and between events. A player who has received positive feedback reports based on their willingness to assist others in trouble, to be a bastion of positivity and to help others both communicate and listen with care and compassion can earn this Achievement.

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Professional Focus Achievement

To earn a Professional Focus Achievement, a character must have met or exceeded 100 total earned build.

They must also have the relevant skill on their character sheet at least at the Proficient level.

Lastly they must put in a plot request(below) to their local branch that outlines the Professional Focus Achievement that they will be picking up as well as the general flavor of the story that they would like regarding earning that achievement. (Pg 137-139)

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If you qualify for more than one, please submit one form per Professional Focus Achievement.