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Feature 1

Bay Walkers are typically calm and composed people, a byproduct of being terrified for most of their early lives. Most prefer getting involved with stable groups and clear organizations, and have little patience for loners or other antisocial types. Their clothing is typically practical and sturdy, favoring subdued shades like browns and blacks, along with many, many pockets and pouches to contain whatever Scrap and scavenge comes along. After all, it’s better to grab it now rather risk death coming back for it later. All Bay Walkers have small but noticeable tattoos related to their home on visible or easily revealed portions of their bodies, both to identify themselves to other natives of the Mass and occasionally as a warning for would-be highwaymen: “This is probably not one of your better ideas.”


Feature 2

Full Dead tend to dress conservatively, preferring formal attire, undertaker's garb, or even dressing up as mourners and pallbearers. Players of Full Dead are required to use makeup to create a pale, corpse-like complexion as well as dark, sunken eyes. Full Dead tend to remain quiet and still unless moved to take action, with little in the way of unnecessary speech or gestures. They often display an unnatural way of staring right through others. Full Dead are not easily startled and usually remain extremely civil, even in the face of hostility


Feature 3

Genjian dress is a mixture of both modern apocalypse and utilitarian Asian continent culture inspired military gear. These visual identities of cultures were introduced to non-Asian people due to the predominance of certain corporations in fighting against the fall of humanity during the period of time commonly known as “the fall of man”. Pieced together from historical remnants shipped from corporate centers in Hokkaido it is not uncommon to see a Genjian blend Asian inspired combat gear with post-apocalyptic culture.

Regardless of their attitude regarding tradition, all Genjian are raised with a sense of loyalty and as an instinct consider their family and their settlement before themselves. This culture is a carry over from the corporate supported life that the ancestors of the Genjian Strain lived in while humanity was trying to fight extinction.

All Iron Slaves have scars, brands, and property tattoos in visible locations on their body that mark them as property somewhere. Iron Slaves tend to dress in heavy clothing, preferring styles that are utilitarian and also allow them to be inconspicuous - as much as they can be, anyway. Every Iron Slave has a unique quirk that becomes noticeable in the early afternoon through late morning - they emit a red glow. Iron Slave players are required to have red illumination at least as bright as a large glow stick at each wrist, each ankle, and the neck. This glow must penetrate cloth and be visible at a distance. 

Lascarians are modern primitives in every sense of the word. They dress in dark colors, favoring ripped leathers and ragged clothes pieced together from scraps with no regard to ‘modern’ fashion, often in numerous piecemeal layers that only form an outfit when combined. It is unusual for a Lascarian to show much skin in any event, even during the summer months, and dark glasses or goggles are a must for their surface trips, as well as hoods, cowls or broad-
brimmed hats to help keep off the hated sun.

MERICA! Love it or get run down. Merican men and women love blue jeans, cowboy hats, attitude, tall boots, big belt buckles, and gun belts with lots of firearms. Social animals in every sense of the term, Mericans are never more than a few paces from a bottle or someone attractive to share it with. They have a natural distrust of authority, especially if it isn’t another Merican in charge,and tend to mock anyone in elegant or fancy attire.