About Advanced Professions

If you're considering applying for an Advanced Profession, we encourage you to read the section in the book (pg 247) that goes over the details. Once you've done that, please keep the following in mind:

  • Advanced Professions are not a right, they are a privilege. We do not recommend creating and building a character based purely on achieving an Advanced Profession.
  • Advanced Professions aren't about skills, they're about roleplay. Even if you have the prerequisites for an Advanced Profession, if the characters roleplay doesn't line up, those prerequisites are inconsequential.
  • Advanced Professions are difficult to achieve. Even if your character is approached about learning an Advanced Profession in game, the process of learning it successfully is not a guarantee. Your character may fail, change, or otherwise die.
  • It's not just about the character, but the player. People who are offered Advanced Professions must be upstanding members of the community and will be held to a higher standard as something other players and characters are trying to achieve toward.
  • Advanced Professions are delivered entirely at the discretion of the Directors. While you may fill out this form looking for an Advanced Profession, opportunities may come in game to you and your character without filling out anything here if the roleplay calls for it.
  • If, at any time, the above points are no longer fulfilled, you have the chance to lose your Advanced Profession.


We will not reply to you about Advanced Professions once you fill out this form unless we have questions specifically in regards to the prerequisites and your listed skills. Please do not email us asking about your Advanced Profession request once you turn it in. If it's been accepting, you'll know in game.


Name *
Please give the name of the Advanced Profession you would like consideration for in regards to your character.
Please list *ALL* Requirements for the Advanced Profession you are requesting as well as affirmation that you have met ALL of these requirements
By clicking this box I submit that I understand that Advanced Professions are rare, are not given out lightly, and often require years of role play to achieve. I understand that my request will be considered, reviewed, and I should have absolutely no expectation of being rewarded with an Advanced Profession. I may only submit for an advanced profession once every six months, and I understand that applying multiple times may hinder (or prevent) my attaining a advanced profession. I understand that I should only request for review once I have attained ALL requirements for my Advanced Profession. I understand that my Review Request will take 60 days, and, that at the end of the 60 days I will receive no notification of the results. *